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Nov 16th, 2021 at 1:00 PM CT. Color Management Webinar by MUTOH. This webinar is for all users of wide-format printers, designers, and production managers. Stop struggling with color, understand it and control it! We will take you through the process of how color can change from the source image, into the design software, then through the RIP, and finally to the printer and install. All along the way, we will give you tips and techniques to control that color to get the output you want.

This webinar is designed for ANY wide format printer and any design and RIP software, so all are welcome. We will focus on Flexi, Adobe Photoshop, VersaWorks, and VerteLith, but the principles learned will apply no matter what you use for your workflow.

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Nov 16th 2021 1:00 PM CT

This Will Be An Amazing Webinar

Color can change from one location to the next in the wide-format printing workflow. The source of the image can have an embedded profile that can change the color outcome. Next, the design software can either allow that embedded profile or allow you to assign another one based on the needs of the application. And what about the RIP? Yep, it too can change the colors of the image, as can the printer and even the environment of the install.

“If you don’t understand how color changes in wide format printing and how to control it you will never get the printing you really want!”

In this webinar, we will use Adobe Photoshop and FlexiSIGN as design software to demonstrate how to set up proper soft proofing and control of image profiles. We will use Production Manager, VersaWorks, and MUTOH’s new VerteLith software to see how RIP options can affect the color. And finally, we will discuss how the printer itself and the location of the install can affect the color.

Upon completing this course, you will have a solid foundation for setting up your own system to control color.

What You Will Learn

  • How to tell if an image has an embedded profile
  • How to assign a profile to an image to force a different color outcome
  • Why soft proofing is essential in the wide-format workflow
  • How the RIP software can change color
  • What you need to control on your printer
  • The effects of the install location

The webinar will be recorded and anyone who registers will have unlimited access to the course. There will be a chat room for asking questions. 

Who Should Attend

  • Users of ANY wide format printer
  • Designers, Production Managers, Installers
  • Users of Adobe or FlexiSIGN
  • Users of VersaWorks, Production Manager or VerteLith
  • Anyone who wants a practical understanding of how to manage color from beginning to end

Your Instructor

Mark Rugen is Director of Education for MUTOH America and has over 35 years of experience in the wide format printing market. He is a color management expert and has taught thousands of students how to manage color properly in a simple to understand way.

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All wide-format printer users are welcome no matter the make or model!

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